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Why Using a Fuel Treatment Makes "Cents"!

Yes, the play on words was intentional.  Using the right fuel treatment in your fuel tank will actually save you money on every fill-up.  All fuel, gas and diesel, sold in the United States must meet the minimum requirements set by federal standards for fuel. This typically has to do with the amount of detergent additive to keep fuel injectors from clogging and to minimize deposits.  All fuel manufactured at a refinery is the same until a particular brand puts its unique additives into the fuel.

DurAlt® Fuel Conditioner is a unique commercial additive that combines the benefits of almost every additive sold on the market into a single bottle eliminating the need to buy different products to achieve performance results.  Besides being able to use the same bottle for both gas and diesel fuels, DurAlt® improves combustion efficiency, removes and prevents carbon deposits and increases fuel economy an average of 10%. DurAlt® provides a multitude of other benefits, including preventing “bugs” from growing in stored diesel fuel and working as a fuel stabilizer to keep all fuel fresh for over a year. You can even leave stored fuel in your equipment and it will start on the first pull the next season.

But the best part about DurAlt® is that it is super-concentrated requiring only a tiny amount to be added at each fuel fill-up.  A single 8oz bottle of DurAlt® (for most consumer vehicles) will treat a whopping 320 gallons of gasoline or 200 gallons of diesel yet costs only about $33. That may sound like a lot of money until you do the math.  While fuel prices fluctuate, today the average cost for gasoline in the United States is $3.61/gallon and the average cost for diesel is $3.91/gallon.  DurAlt® improves fuel economy an average of 10% so it saves about 36 cents on every gallon of gas or 39 cents on every gallon of diesel you buy.  You’ve covered the cost of the bottle in less than six fill-ups and that bottle will still treat another fifteen tanks. And DurAlt® bottles have a built-in measuring chamber making treating your tank incredibly easy. Using DurAlt® makes sense and puts dollars back in your pocket while enabling your engine to perform as designed!  DurAlt® is guaranteed to work or you can get your money back.  Try it today – you won’t be disappointed and your wallet will thank you.

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