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DurAlt Benefits

DurAlt Fuel Conditioner is a fuel additive that offers many benefits in a single bottle!  The same bottle may be used to treat both gasoline and diesel, using different treatment ratios. 




  • Improves Gas or Diesel Fuel Economy by 10% Avg

  • Solves Ethanol-Related Fuel Issues

  • Will NOT Void Engine Warranties

  • Fuel System Cleaner: Cleans Engine & Fuel Injectors of MPG-Robbing Carbon Deposits

  • Lubricates Engine Preventing Carbon from Sticking

    • Cleaner Engine Extends Engine Oil Life

    • Engines run quieter and more smoothly!

  • Octane Booster:  Enables Use of Regular Gas Octane in Vehicles Requiring Premium (huge savings!)

  • Improves Diesel Cetane Value for Quicker Cold Weather Starts

  • Prevents Algae & Bacteria Growth in Stored Diesel Fuel

  • Cost per Treated Gallon of Fuel only Pennies!

    • Guaranteed to SAVE more than it Costs

    • Costs Much Less than Other Additives

    • Offers More Benefits than Other Products Combined into a Single Bottle

  • Fuel Stabilizer:  Stabilizes Fuel in Storage One Year or More

    • No Need to Empty Treated Fuel from Lawnmower or Snowblower (equipment will start right away next season)

  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions up to 61%

    • Much Smaller Carbon Footprint

  • Reduces Maintenance Expenses 15-20%

  • Super-Concentrated to Last a Long Time

  • 35+ Year History of Successful Use

  • Was Used in High Performance Racing to Enable Engines to Operate at Their Best

  • Can Use in ANY engine that Uses Gas or Diesel

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