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The 2oz DurAlt® Bottle is perfect to treat motorcycles or small engines like generators, lawn mowers and snow blowers.
DurAlt keeps fuel fresh for over a  year!

 Retail $9.89

Saves $28.00 avg @ $3.50/gallon of gas

2oz Btl for Gas-1_edited_edited.png

The 8oz DurAlt® Bottle is a popular size for treating most cars, trucks and equipment.

Retail $29.99

Saves $112.00 avg @ $3.50/gallon of gas


DurAlt® is a premium brand that it is much less expensive than other fuel treatments and provides many more benefits.  DurAlt® is super-concentrated  to guarantee that its cost per treated gallon of fuel is WAY below what other brands charge.  This ensures that you get a high Return on Investment for your hard-earned dollars.  See how many gallons just one bottle will treat.  
Use the Savings Calculator below to see how much you can save!

"This is the first fuel additive I have used that I actually could realize an improvement in performance!"
                                             Ernie A.
, Arizona

DurAlt® has been successfully used in every type of gas and diesel engine from 2-cycle motors to locomotives and ocean-going ships.

Whether you own a motorcycle, car, truck, SUV, RV bus, generator, boat, lawn equipment or a fleet of vehicles, DurAlt is your answer for better performance, lower emissions and savings!

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