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Use DurAlt® Fuel Conditioner in any Vehicle or Piece of Equipment
that uses Gasoline or Diesel fuel and SAVE on fuel and maintenance!

Our guaranteed fuel treatment enables vehicles to go farther using less fuel!

DurAlt® is an easy-to-use super-concentrated liquid additive offering many benefits!

Simply add a tiny amount to your fuel tank when fueling (1/4 oz treats 10 gallons of gas or 6 gallons of diesel)

  • Improves Gas & Diesel Combustion by 10% avg

    • LESS fuel to buy = 10% Savings on every gallon
  • Up to 61% lower emissions in Gas & Diesel

  • Boosts performance & improves engine life

  • $112 gas savings/8oz Bottle ($29.99 retail) gas@$3.50/gal

  • Many more benefits + Money-Back Guarantee!

Our 2oz DurAlt® Bottle is perfect to treat motorcycles or small engines like generators, lawn mowers and snow blowers.
DurAlt keeps fuel fresh for over a  year!

 Retail $9.89

Saves $28.00 avg @ $3.50/gallon of gas

2oz Btl for Gas-1_edited_edited.png

Our 8oz DurAlt® Bottle is a popular size for treating most cars, trucks and equipment.

Retail $29.99

Saves $112.00 avg @ $3.50/gallon of gas


DurAlt® is a premium brand that it is much less expensive than other fuel treatments and provides many more benefits.  DurAlt® is super-concentrated  to guarantee that its cost per treated gallon of fuel is WAY below what other brands charge.  This ensures that you get a high Return on Investment for your hard-earned dollars.  See how many gallons just one bottle will treat.  
Use the Savings Calculator below to see how much you can save!

"This is the first fuel additive I have used that I actually could realize an improvement in performance!"
                                             Ernie A.
, Arizona

DurAlt® has been successfully used in every type of gas and diesel engine from 2-cycle motors to locomotives and ocean-going ships.

Whether you own a motorcycle, car, truck, SUV, RV bus, generator, boat, lawn equipment or a fleet of vehicles, DurAlt is your answer for better performance, lower emissions and savings!

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