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Saves Money on Every Fill-Up!
A Single 8oz Bottle of DurAlt® will SAVE $128 on Gas (@ $4/gallon)
yet costs under $30!
8oz Btl adj.jpg
  • Fewer trips to the Gas Station!

  • 61% Reduced Emissions = Cleaner Air

  •  Savings on Fuel Go Back in Your Pocket!

All without changing your lifestyle.

FuelSaver Technologies Inc. is thrilled to present a simple and inexpensive solution for improving engine performance & MPG while greatly reducing carbon emissions.  DurAlt® Fuel Treatment costs only pennies, yet returns dollars to your pocket --
all with a Money-Back performance guarantee!

Real Customer Reviews

"This is the first fuel additive I have used that I actually could realize an improvement in performance!"

Ernie A.  - Arizona

"I've noticed a considerable gain in my mileage and increased performance in the hills."

Brant M.  - Canada

Moving Van Driver

"Got stranded with my RV.  Tried some and was impressed with its performance over the Sierras!  Great product!!

Joe R.  - California

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