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Warranty, Refunds and
Shipping Information

Money-Back Guarantee

DurAlt® is a multi-faceted commercial fuel additive for gas and diesel engines. It combines the benefits claimed by many individual products into one bottle costing much less money. DurAlt® works over time removing carbon deposits and lubricating the engine. With continued use, we guarantee that your savings will exceed the cost of our product.

Engines with higher mileage on them may require a longer time to clean out carbon deposits. Concerns with performance of our product should be addressed to or call us at 719-622-6046. We will work with you to resolve your concerns or refund your money at your option, less shipping & handling. (Purchase of cases of product are not included on this guarantee because it is assumed that you are already satisfied with the product or would not be buying by the case.) This guarantee only applies to purchases of product over this website. If you purchase our product from a store, you should return the unused product to the store for a refund. We will credit the store for your product.

It is impossible to guarantee an exact level of improvement for any particular vehicle or engine due to the many variables that can affect fuel economy (driver technique, tire inflation, weather, traffic conditions, etc.) The average improvement in fuel economy on over a billion fleet miles over the past 35 years has been 8% to 12%. An individual vehicle or piece of equipment may experience greater or lesser fuel economy improvement. However, even with lower fuel prices, your savings on fuel alone will more than cover the cost of your bottle of DurAlt®.

To receive a refund on all open or unopened product (less than a year old), please contact us first and return the unused product in good condition to the following mailing address:

FuelSaver Technologies, Inc.
3472 Research Parkway, Ste 104
PMB 204
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

A refund check will be sent to your designated address (less initial shipping costs). Return shipping is at your own expense.

All shipping to you is currently done by UPS Ground, United States Postal Service Priority Mail, Federal Express Ground, Federal Express 2-day Express shipping or trucking/shipping firms for LTL (less than a truck load) orders. Orders are typically shipped within one day of receipt. Please allow 5 to 10 working days for receipt of your order. Concerns should be addressed to Customer Service: by e-mail at , or call 719-622-6046.

We appreciate your business and we will continue to do our utmost best to earn it.

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