How DurAlt Works

The Simple Explanation

Fuel molecules have a tendency to clump together which results in inefficient combustion.  This not only wastes fuel, but pollutes our air with harmful emissions from the unburned fuel coming out the tailpipe or stack.

DurAlt is a polarized formula which forces clumped molecules to separate, allowing fuel to completely combust.  This significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves the Miles per Gallon (MPG) your vehicle is able to achieve.  You save money because you are combusting more of the fuel you have already paid for instead of the unburned fuel going out the tailpipe or stack as emissions.  That's your fuel dollars literally "going up in smoke".

Greatly reduced emissions is just one of the many benefits that DurAlt provides.  Click the button below to learn more about DurAlt improves performance, extends engine life and much more.  DurAlt has been successfully used in both gasoline and diesel in everything from two-stroke engines to locomotives and ocean-going ships.