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DurAlt® for
SUVs, Large Pickups & Delivery Vehicles

If you own a large SUV, large pickup truck or a delivery vehicle that has a larger fuel tank, the 8oz or 16oz bottle is a good choice for you.  Each bottle has a built-in measurement chamber that makes treating your fuel easy.  Because DurAlt® is super-concentrated, only a tiny amount is needed at each fuel fill-up.  One ounce of DurAlt® will treat 40 gallons of gas or 25 gallons of diesel.  Each 8oz bottle treats 320 gallons of gas or 200 gallons of diesel for $29.99.  Each 16oz bottle treats 640 gallons of gas or 400 gallons of diesel for $39.99.

Click on a picture below for more information on the product or for the opportunity to add it to your cart.  To pay with a credit card, select the PayPal option (we pay the fees).  If you are ordering multiple bottle packages (more than one), call us at 719-622-6046 to see if we can save you money on shipping costs.

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