This is our new 8oz and 16oz combo pack.  The 16oz bottle can be used to refill the 8oz bottle making the combo pack a very cost-effective option.  This combination of bottles will treat 960 gallons of gas or 600 gallons of diesel.


Each bottle has a built-in measurement chamber for easy treatment of tanks.  Keep one in the car and the other in your truck.  We guarantee you will save more on fuel and maintenance than what our products cost, and your vehicles will run much better! 


This Combo-Pack will save approximately $480 on fuel costs at $5.00/Gallon of gas.  This item ships by Federal Express 2-day express shipping.



Savings at $5.00/Gallon of Gas: 50 cents/Gallon average



Savings Above Cost of DurAlt® at $5.00/Gallon:  Your savings on gas alone pays the cost of DurAlt® and "pays" you back over 43

cents per gallon!


Your vehicle or equipment gets better performance, extended engine life, uses less fuel AND you put money back in your pocket without DurAlt costing you a penny.  It's kind of a no-brainer...

Combo Pack: 8oz & 16oz (Treats 960 Gal Gas or 600 Gal Diesel)

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  • Customers from outside the United States must contact us directly.  Country import regulations, fees and taxes, as well as shipping costs all vary.  Due to the cost of international shipping, it is cost prohibitive to ship anything less than a full case of product.

  • We are seeking Independent Distributors around the world, as well as in the United States, to share the benefits of DurAlt in your own area.  Contact us for more information.