This 4oz and 16oz combo pack is being replaced with our new 8oz and 16oz combo pack.  This combination will be available while we still have 4oz bottles.  The 16oz bottle can be used to refill the 4oz bottle and is a cost-effective option.  The combination of bottles will treat 800 gallons of gas or 500 gallons of diesel.


Each bottle has a built-in measurement chamber for easy treatment of tanks.  Keep one in the car and the other in your truck.  We guarantee you will save more on fuel and maintenance than what our products cost, and your vehicles will run much better!  This item ships by Federal Express 2-day express shipping.

Combo Pack: 4oz & 16oz DurAlt®

SKU: Combo 4oz & 16oz
  • DurAlt actually pays you to use it!

    Treatment Cost5.4 cents per treated gallon of gas

    At $2.00/gallon of gas, using DurAlt you will save approximately 20 cents on each gallon of gas you buy.  (DurAlt saves you an average 10% of your fuel cost ).  Subtract the treatment cost of DurAlt and you just "got paid" 15 cents per gallon and the DurAlt was free for you. 

    Subtract the treatment cost at $3.00/gallon of gas and you make 25 cents per gallon.

    With DurAlt, your vehicle or equipment gets better performance, extended engine life, uses less fuel AND you put money back in your pocket without DurAlt costing you a penny.   Kind of a no-brainer...

FuelSaver Technologies Inc is the manufacturer and distributor for DurAlt® Fuel Conditioner. 

FuelSaver is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), and owns the DurAlt® registered trademark.


  • DurAlt Fuel Conditioner from FuelSaver Technologies Inc

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