DurAlt Fuel Conditioner is an ideal product for fleets.  It has been in use in fleets for over a billion fleet miles and provides an average improvement of 8% to 12% in fuel economy.  In addition, DurAlt increases engine longevity and reduces maintenance expenses. Testing by the National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research found that DurAlt reduced smoke in diesel engines by 61% at full load and 1600 RPM.  DurAlt also improves cetane rating in diesel for easier cold weather starting.  It is a fuel stabilizer that prevents oxidation and breakdown of fuel and prevents algae and bacteria growth in diesel.


We have Gallon Bottles and 55-Gallon Drums for inexpensive treatment of bulk tanks.  One 1-Gallon Bottle will treat 3,000 gallons of diesel or 5,000 gallons of gas.  One 55-Gallon Drum will treat 165,000 gallons of diesel or 275,000 gallons of gas.  For use on the road, we have 16oz Bottles that each treat 400 gallons of diesel or 640 gallons of gas.  Each 16oz bottle has a built-in measurement chamber for easy and accurate treatment of tanks.  DurAlt meets all the requirements of the Worldwide Fuel Charter produced by the world's engine manufacturers so it will not void any engine warranties.

DurAlt has been successfully used in practically every type of engine including 2-cycle engines, motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, RVs, locomotives and ocean-going ships.

Fleet Information

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One 55-Gallon Drum will treat 275,000 Gallons of Gas or 165,000 Gallons of Diesel. 

Price: $6,600 

Avg Fuel Cost Savings Per Drum @ $3.25/Gallon for Fuel:

     $89,375 in Gas

     $53,625 in Diesel

A One-Gallon Bottle of DurAlt will treat 5,000 Gallons of Gas or 3,000 Gallons of Diesel.

Price:  $169.99

Avg Fuel Cost Savings Per Bottle @ $3.25/Gallon for Fuel:

     $1,625 in Gas

     $975 in Diesel

One 16oz Bottle will treat 640 Gallons of Gas or 400 Gallons of Diesel.

Price:  $34.99

Avg Fuel Cost Savings Per Btl @ $3.25/Gallon for Fuel:

     $208 in Gas

     $130 in Diesel