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Test Results

Depiction of how DurAlt Fuel Conditioner reduces Octane Requirement Increase in Engines

Click on photo above to see causes of Octane Requirement Increase (ORI) and testing of reduced Combustion Chamber Deposits (CCDs).

The fuel octane requirement of an engine is the lowest octane of a fuel necessary for the engine to avoid knocking.  Due to the accumulation of deposits in the combustion chamber, the "appetite" of an engine increases with mileage.  In 1995 the US Environmental Protection Agency began requiring refiners to add detergents to unleaded gas to prevent fuel injectors from clogging.  This kept the engine inlets clean but  left deposits in the combustion chamber.  These deposits reduced the volume of the combustion chamber creating a higher compression engine more prone to knocking and the problem known as Octane Requirement Increase or ORI.  These deposits tend to stabilize around 15,000 miles on the engine.  Consequently engine manufacturers have been de-tuning new engines to compensate for ORI so that you reach the manufacturer recommended octane for your engine at around 15,000 miles on the engine. (See letter from Ford Motor Company.)  Our fuel conditioner cleans out the combustion chamber thus reducing the octane requirement of the engine by 55 to 80%, or 3 to 6 octane numbers.  This unique feature allows you to use Regular octane with our product in a vehicle recommended for Premium octane.


The performance benefits of FuelSaver Technologies™ Fuel Enhancer (with patented DurAlt® technology)  have been proven in tests by independent and government laboratories, research laboratories of major oil companies (U.S., Europe and Asia) and tests conducted by and in cooperation with major engine manufacturers.  Click on items below to see SAE published technical papers and other materials.


DurAlt Fuel Conditioner helps 87 Octane perform like 93 Octane.

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