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Published Technical Papers

SAE Technical Paper Series
Octane Requirement Increase Control - A New Way of Saving (2.7 MB)

By Mark L. Nelson, James E. Larson and Mark S. Carruthers, Polar Molecular Corp.
Automotive Industry In Expanding Countries Conference
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1991


SAE Technical Paper Series
A Broad-Spectrum, Non-Metallic Additive for Gasoline and Diesel Fuels: Performance in Gasoline Engines (4.5 MB)

By O.L. Nelson, Jr. and J.E. Larson, Polar Molecular Corp.;
R.S. Fein, D.D. Fuller and G.K. Rightmire, Scientific Advisor to Polar Molecular Corp.;
R.W. Krumm and G.E. Ducker, Pfizer, Inc.
International Congress and Exposition
Detroit, Michigan, 1989


Advanced Fuel Additive Technology for Cost Effective Gasoline Lead Phaseout by Control of Octane Requirement Increase (3 MB)

By Jerry R. Allsup, Polar Molecular Corp.
UN Special Session on Environment and Development
New York, New York, 1997


DurAlt® Fuel Conditioner: Broad-Spectrum, Non-Metallic Additive for Diesel Fuels
(2.9 MB)

Polar Molecular Corp., 1990


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