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How It Works

Our fuel conditioner formula (with patented DurAlt ® technology) has two unique compounds that work together at the molecular level to produce unique benefits.

The formula combines a combustion modifier with a special polar compound that has a molecular attraction to the metallic parts of the combustion chamber and fuel system.  This combination reduces engine wear and removes combustion deposits and fuel system corrosion - while increasing power.

Our polar compound attracts to metallic parts of the combustion chamber and penetrates and removes combustion deposits with each firing of the engine.  The polar compound creates a thin film that increases lubrication between friction surfaces of pistons, rings, valves and fuel pump, while reducing the formation of new deposits on the fuel injectors and combustion parts.  It also provides a corrosion inhibitor for the entire fuel system.

Our combustion modifier accelerates the fuel burn so that more of the engine's power is delivered instantaneously at the top of the piston stroke.  It creates a more complete burning of fuel before the exhaust valves open -- which results in reduced carbon emissions, cooler exhaust temperatures and reduced valve wear.

Our fuel conditioner is created from compounds containing only Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.  Although our product more than pays for itself with fuel savings alone, even greater savings may come in the form of reduced maintenance and less engine wear.  Our products will help vehicles pass smog tests, particularly those with higher mileage.

Because our product meets all the requirements of the World-Wide Fuel Charter (engine manufacturer requirements for fuel), it cannot void any engine warranty.



Depiction of DurAlt working at the molecular level on fuel molecules, increasing combustion efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Counters problems caused by ethanol in gasoline
  • Removes combustion deposits from inside the combustion chamber, and reduces formation of new deposits
  • Removes corrosion from fuel tanks and systems; inhibits new deposits
  • Keeps carburetors and injectors clean, reduces injector coking in diesel engines
  • Increases lubrication of the fuel pump, valves, pistons and rings
  • Keeps exhaust systems cleaner and reduces hydrocarbon emissions
  • Protects valves -- and eliminates exhaust valve seat recession in engines that are prone to the problem

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