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Fleet Testimonials and Fleet Tests

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Year 2006 to Present


1000+ County Vehicle Fleet
"Our fuel economy has improved by around 8%, and we have not lost a single engine since starting with the conditioner.  We also have not needed maintenance on fuel injectors or fuel pumps.   In the past, our county replaced 2 to 3 engines annually."
P.M., County Fleet Manager, Colorado

Mining Fleet Test
Five Volvo Trucks, Model VNL64T300, Year 2005, Engine VE D12-465HP with EGR
Average Miles on the trucks:  135,000
Average trip mileage per day:  300 to 500
Total Distance driven during the test:  52,490 miles
Amount of diesel fuel used during the test period:  11,019 gallons

  • Initially all trucks ran on diesel only for two to three weeks during baseline testing
  • After baseline testing, three trucks ran on additive plus diesel while two trucks continued on diesel only for another two to three weeks
  • Trucks using the additive, on average, achieved 6.53% improvement in fuel economy, resulting in net savings of about 19 cents per gallon of diesel fuel



County Transit System
"In August 2007, the (name removed) began using DurAlt Fuel Conditioner in all of its heavy duty transit buses.  Our fleet is comprised of Neoplan and Gillig coaches utilizing Detroit Diesel Series 50 -- DDEC engines and Cummins ISL and ISM engines.  One month after adding DurAlt we experienced an average fuel mileage increase of 13% -  5.46 MPG to 6.21 MPG.  Our fleet continues to average 6 MPG plus each month.  Further, after adding DurAlt to our fuel systems, we had no problems with our fuel systems.  In fact there was a slight decrease in fuel system maintenance that we can only attribute to the cleansing properties in the DurAlt product.  Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions regarding our results here at the (name removed)."
J.J., County Transit Director, Colorado



Mercy Ships   (operates the largest non-governmental hospital ship in the world)
"So far, we've achieved a 3% improvement in fuel economy this past year and our engineers have noticed less carbon and soot buildup, resulting in less maintenance required.  The Africa Mercy has to fuel every three months to the tune of 220,000 US gallons.  Usually that's done by bunkering by an ocean going tanker. So that's amounted to roughly $26,000 savings each time we refuel.  All that means we can help more people."
M.Z., Engineering Superintendent, Mercy Ships



"The Pikes Peak Cog Railway has been in existence for well over 100 years.  Our goal is to coexist with our neighbors and cause as little disturbance as possible.  In the last few years, several neighbors have complained about the smoke and diesel emissions produced by the locomotives, as we begin our trips up Pikes Peak.  In an attempt to be a good neighbor, we have been searching for solutions to reduce the emissions on the locomotives, in order to keep our neighbors happy.  We began using DurAlt Diesel Fuel Conditioner, distributed by FuelSaver approximately one month ago.  After close observation of the locomotives during that time,the smoke and diesel emissions have been greatly reduced.  There is a small puff of smoke during acceleration and at start-up, but other than that, the smoke is barely visible.  We will continue to use the DurAlt Fuel Conditioner to reduce the diesel emissions on our locomotives.  We recommend the use of this product for improvement of emissions to any railway or any vehicle with a diesel engine."
S.S., Shop Foreman, Manitou Springs, CO



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