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About Us

FuelSaver Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2006 to distribute a remarkable fuel enhancer patented as DurAlt® Fuel Conditioner.  Richard Lieber, President and CEO of FuelSaver, came across this product in 2005 and was amazed to find out that it had actually been around since the 1980's.  As an engineer, after hearing what the product was supposed to do, he was intrigued enough to research its history and test it for himself.  Anticipating a continued increase in fuel prices, if this product worked, he knew this was something everyone needed.

After researching lab reports and testing on his own vehicles, Rich was pleasantly surprised that the product actually did work, increasing the fuel economy on his cars and truck, as well as making them run much more smoothly.  Even better, when he did the calculations, he found that with current fuel prices, the savings from using the product not only paid the cost of the product itself, but actually put money back in his pocket!

DurAlt® consists primarily of a combustion modifier coupled with a polar compound.  This unique combination enables fuel to more fully combust, which increases fuel economy while reducing pollution into the air. You actually end up burning more of the fuel in your tank instead of the unburned fuel producing tailpipe emissions.

Rich formed FuelSaver Technologies to market this incredible product.  FuelSaver Technologies is a Colorado corporation headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVO) small business.  It is an accredited business with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau .  FuelSaver has worked primarily with commercial and government fleets, but is now making this product available for consumers, primarily over this website, but also through automobile dealerships and stores.

DurAlt Technologies LLC was formed by Rich and a partner to manage the manufacture and worldwide distribution of DurAlt® Fuel Conditioner to fleets and private labelers.  FuelSaver will continue to service its existing fleet customers while expanding sales to the general public.

This fuel conditioner first came to market in the mid-1980's and has been successfully tested and used in all types of gas and diesel internal combustion engines from small 2-cycle engines to large engines in ships and locomotives.  The technology has garnered over 54 patents and trademarks worldwide over the years.  This unique fuel additive formulation has been tested or validated by leading world organizations including Total Oil, Ford Motor Company, Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Mercury Marine.

Richard Lieber, company founder, has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in engineering.  A retired Lieutenant Colonel, Rich served for 28 years in the United States Air Force.  He not only was a B-52 pilot, but also worked in the space program as a space systems engineer.  Rich held many positions in the Air Force, including heading a program to teach quality and process improvement to all personnel at an Air Force base.  He continued this work for employees in all departments at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Prior to the Air Force, Rich was an engineer and manufacturing supervisor for Procter and Gamble Manufacturing Company.  Most recently, Rich was the President and CEO for Eagle Aerospace, Inc., which was the company that achieved NASA certification for human spaceflight for Project Orion, the planned follow-on to the space shuttle.  Married with three grown sons, Rich is an Eagle Scout, and continues to be an active participant as an adult leader with the Boy Scouts of America.

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