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How to Get PAID With Free Product Use

Using our product actually costs you NOTHING at current fuel prices, because your savings far exceed the cost of the product!  In fact using our product actually MAKES YOU MONEY!  Need an example?

It's simple math.  But to get there, we need to start with helping you understand what an improvement in MPG equates to in actual savings.  Average improvement in miles per gallon (MPG) with our products is typically around 10% or higher.  For example, going from 8 MPG to 9 MPG is an improvement in fuel economy of 1 MPG or a 12.5% improvement --  9 MPG / 8 MPG = 1.125 or it can also be calculated by taking 1 MPG improvement / 8 MPG original = 0.125 or 12.5%.  However, we are interested in saving gallons of fuel versus saving miles so we need to look at the inverse of miles per gallon, which is gallons per mile.  The inverse of 8 MPG is 0.125 GPM  which means at 8 MPG your vehicle is using 0.125 gallons of fuel per mile.  9 MPG uses .1111 gallons per mile (1/9 = .1111).  That's a reduction of 11.1% in fuel use.  How do we arrive at that?

Reduction in fuel use is the difference in GPM or  0.125 - .1111 = .0139 gallons.   Now take the reduction in fuel use divided by the original fuel use to get the savings on fuel:  0.0139/0.125 = 0.111 savings or 11.1% savings.  So a 12.5% improvement in MPG equates to an 11.1% savings on fuel at the pump.  Still with me?  Here are some other examples:

                  IMPROVEMENT IN MPG                    % SAVINGS IN GPM 
                                  4%                                                     3.85%

                                  6%                                                     5.66%

                                  8%                                                     7.4%

                                 10%                                                    9.1%

                                12%                                                   10.71%

                                14%                                                   12.3%

                                16%                                                   13.8%

                                18%                                                   15.25%

                                20%                                                   16.67%

You can easily calculate the % savings by taking the % improvement in MPG as a fraction (for example 13.7% = .137) divided by one plus the improvement as a fraction (.137 / 1.137) yielding .12049 or 12.049% savings.


Here's what you've been waiting for.  Why does our product cost you nothing and actually make you money?  As you've seen, a 12.5% improvement in MPG equates to an 11.1% savings on fuel costs.  Let's say you are getting the average 10% MPG improvement.  If gas costs $2.00/gallon, you are savings .091 X 2.00 on each gallon of fuel you buy, or 18.2¢ savings per gallon.   Obviously as fuel prices rise, so do your savings!  Since our 4oz consumer bottle treats 160 gallons of gas, each bottle of our product is saving you .182 X 160 = $29.12.  Subtract the cost of the product and you have the money you've actually saved and put back in your wallet by using our product.  Each 4oz bottle only costs $12.95 which means you were PAID $16.17 by using our product and the product cost you NOTHING!  See -- it's SIMPLE MATH.  You can't lose!  You are actually getting PAID to use our product and the product is FREE!



Depiction of DurAlt working at the molecular level on fuel molecules, increasing combustion efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Removes combustion deposits from inside the combustion chamber, and reduces formation of new deposits
  • Removes corrosion from fuel tanks and systems; inhibits new deposits
  • Keeps carburetors and injectors clean, reduces injector coking in diesel engines
  • Increases lubrication of the fuel pump, valves, pistons and rings
  • Keeps exhaust systems cleaner and reduces hydrocarbon emissions
  • Protects valves -- and eliminates exhaust valve seat recession in engines that are prone to the problem

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