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Validation by Ford Motor Company and Total Oil


Letter from Director, Advanced Powertrain
Ford Motor Company
- October 2001

Jim Clarke, Director of Advanced Powertrain, discusses Octane Requirement Increase problem in vehicles, and how DurAlt fuel conditioner reduces that problem by 55 - 80%.

Letter from Director, Commercial Truck Quality
Ford Motor Company - September 1995

Alan Smith, Director for Commercial Truck Quality, confirms his validation of DurAlt in July 1989 internal memo he prepared entitled "Advertising Claims for Fuel Additive DurAlt"



Letter from Elf Oil Company labs (now part of Total Oil Company) - June 2000

Total Oil Company is the largest refiner in Europe.  Alain Faure documents in a June 2000 letter that DurAlt contributes to
Octane Requirement Increase control, and cleans the complete fuel system from the fuel injectors to the combustion chamber.

DurAlt Fuel Conditioner helps 87 Octane perform like 93 Octane.

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